I have always been a traveller….
Exploring new places and discovering something new is how life has always been for me…

There is a difference between a tourist and a traveller…

A tourist relies on a map while a traveller explores the territory..

A tourist is a person who is visiting a place for pleasure and interest. They visit the popular sights and can sometimes miss out on the adventure that is exploring and discovering that which may not be on the map but may be something that would be of interest to them..

A traveller explores the territory and discover that which may not be known. They know what they find interesting and go out to explore beyond what is given on the map. They meet people, learn about the customs, understand the culture. They add to the map of a tourist.

“Life is a journey and when we live it like a tourist we stay within our comfort zone. Safe and secure. But missing out on the wonder that the territory may have hidden within.”

I have always been a traveller. And that comes out every time that I visit a new place that I discover the wonders that are there but left unexplored.
It flows into my work too….which has evolved as I have grown. As I have explored people and their infinite potential, I have also discovered myself and my infinite potential….

I discovered that the map is not the territory and that the territory is filled with wonders.

It’s when you take the risk to move out of the known into the unknown that you expand your map. That’s when you discover that your potential is so much more. That the gifts that you have can change your life. That the map is incomplete.

Who are you in your journey through??

Are you a tourist or a traveller?

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