Are you changing with change?

Are you changing with change?

We all are aware that change is constant. 


What results are we going to see if we keep doing the same thing that we have always been doing?


It may have been successful in the past. But as the saying goes,

“What got you here, won’t get you there!”

Let’s reflect on this for a minute.

We have a natural tendency of falling into habits. We are humans after all.


These habits become our comfort zone. On the contrary, the last couple of months have changed everything, Whether we wanted it or not. Our comfort zones have been demolished. 


If you are one among those who are waiting for things to “go back” to normal, you are in for some disappointment and maybe some setbacks too.


We have moved ahead. The whole world has. Behaviors have altered. There’s no going back. 


Many of us have already created our new comfort zones while few are still catching up. 


Why? Because they are still knocking on “closed doors”.


No one lives in the past, except memories.


The future is here. It’s today. It’s brought lots of “open doors” with it. We won’t know what’s behind those doors, if we don’t knock on them.


Stop looking at “what you had done,” and start looking at “what you can do.” The possibilities are infinite. 


It’s a mindset game today. Those who have adapted are exploring new avenues and they will thrive because they are looking at the future. Their vision is focused “ahead.”


The only place we will be headed to when we drive a car on the highway looking in the rear view mirror is “a disaster”.


Look ahead. Identify new doors. Knock on them. Now is the time. 


This change is here to stay.

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