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Clarity Talks

Upcoming webinars in June.
Clarity Talks Series with Joy Abdullah….
Clarity and Leadership Behaviour.
Clarity and Accountability.
Details of the workshops coming soon….

META sales Masterclass (Online)

Would You Like to Become a Master in Sales, learn how to Influence & excel in the Art of Persuasion?
Would you like to learn simple and easy techniques to Exceed your sales targets?

The Meta (most effective tactics available) Sales Excellence model is a course designed to give you the easiest and most effective tools to increase your sales success strategies. (S3).

These NLP techniques I’ll be sharing are only known by the top salespeople and are modeled by those who want to become as successful as them.

Join me for this 1-hour masterclass and discover the secret to take your sales from good to extraordinary good.

Date- 16th June 2021
Time- 4.30 pm UAE, 6 PM IST, 1.30 PM BST.

Inspiring talks

Under the umbrella of several concepts, I had the honor of speaking to an audience from different 

walks of life and leave them with an encouraging thought that could be the fuel to drive them.

Self love is not selfish.

It’s so easy to lose oneself in the chaos of everyday life. And the multiple roles, we play on a day-to-day basis.


So much so that we start ‘playing’ ourselves too, forgetting our real self. And forgetting to spend time to reconnect with ourselves. 


We hear that ‘self-love’ is an indulgence, or is selfish. It’s at the cost of ignoring our duties and responsibilities. 


But honestly only a heart filled with love and joy is capable of giving that to others. And for that, you need to keep filling yourself with self-love and self-care. 


Self-love is empowering and inspiring. It’s something we should practice every single day. Loving yourself doesn’t take away from loving others. Self-love allows you to embrace who you are and, as a result, you only become better at sharing happiness around you.


On the occasion of International Women’s day, I’m happy to talk about this topic which is very close to my heart, through a Free Webinar. 


Join me on 6th March, Saturday, at 6 pm, where I am going to discuss why loving yourself is not selfish. 

Amplifying Her Voice

The global pandemic has heightened uncertainty and challenges like never before. But it has also brought together women leaders and innovators around the globe: to share their ideas and innovations.

To inspire and lift one another, and to support women and to change the world.
Honoured to be a speaker on this amazing forum, where voices are amplified and wisdom is valued.

Join me as I speak at the “Amplifying Her Voice” global virtual summit celebrating
International Women’s Day, on 8th & 9th March 2021.

You are cordially invited to REGISTER and join me in celebrating inspirational women from 50+ nations around the globe who have already registered.

Hurry Up!! Spots are filling up.

Beyond reopening schools

Spending a few months in lockdown,  we have all now found our comfort zones, routines and methods that work for us and are suitable to us. But, might I remind you, there still exists a world beyond your home-turned office, a world that is bound to open someday, fully functional. Now, in that case, you want yourself and your child to be equipped for that.  So, join me in taking a peek into the future, a stellar webinar, panelled by few of the world’s most inspiring minds. 

Find me on 31st October, 2020, 3:00 GMT for a webinar on 

Topic – “Beyond Reopening School – A Practical Vision for Stronger Education After Covid-19”

Some of the other sessions

“Believe in the Power of Yourself”

You hold within you an infinite potential, you only have to unleash it. Lead with your thoughts. Believe in your ideas. Future is not one to prepare for, it is what you can create.

Youth empowerment

Your dreams can become reality as long as you believe in them. When you set your mind to the target, half the battle is won. Create your reality. Take the leap and discover!


The Team is one single body, the members of the team are it’s organs. Until you function as one single unit with trust, positivity and coordination, the team might not make the dream work. This is leadership for the 21st Century. The leader’s legacy is the team of leaders they create.

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Women empowerment

Equality is not having a wave of struggle for empowerment. Equality is facing challenges without discriminating “yourself” based on gender. Explore who you are, strip those layers of stigma and responsibility, and find YOU!

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Leadership talks

The Team is one single body, the members of the team are it’s organs. Until you function as one single unit with trust, positivity and coordination, the team might not make the dream work. This is leadership for the 21st Century.

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Transformational live talks

Transformational live talks with organisations like WICCI, Royal Global University, Thrivewithmentoring UK and much more.