Personal Leadership- The place to lead from.

Personal Leadership- The place to lead from.

There is a difference between “Personal Leadership” and “Positional Leadership”.


A difference which can make an individual into an extraordinary individual.


A lot of great authors have written about “Personal Leadership”. The one which has no titles or roles attached with it. The one which is not bestowed upon you or handed you. But the one which you undertake because you choose to. 


You choose to be the leader who is led by their aspirations, their dreams, their visions. No matter who believes in them. They strive because they believe in themselves and what they want to achieve in life.


The power of an individual who leads from the space of personal leadership is infinite. They are not bound by limits of what’s possible and what’s not. They create their own possibilities.


The traits of an individual who leads from the power of “personal leadership” are

They are motivated from within, inspired from within and they lead from within.


Their approach to life is that of a go getter. They are determined and they thrive in crisis.


A leader who leads from the space of self, is aware about their own strengths and shortcomings and they don’t blame anyone for when things don’t go according to plan. They accept the deviation and work through it to reach their desired goals.


A leader who leads from the space of “personal leadership” accepts others for they believe in the power of diversity.


Their team thrives because each member of the team is a leader who is inspired from within. 


These leaders create a tribe of self empowered and self motivated leaders who become the pillars of growth.


We have seen the examples of such leaders who rose from among the crowd and lead them without an affiliation to leadership or even a desire for it.


So how does one find this kind of a leader?


Look within you, it’s there in all of us.


Years and sometimes decades of programming of being “followers”, takes away this power and even the awareness of the existence of this power.


The more you follow the “norms” the more the “norms” become your reality, making you lose your power to create a reality.


Not everyone is born a leader, is a misguided statement. Because somewhere, sometime in life we all have led ourselves. It may be the most insignificant thing. The most minutest of things. The most basic of things. The content isn’t important. If you have led, you are a leader.


Those who consider themselves as leaders based on the roles and titles, head for an empty life when those titles and roles are taken away. They were the followers of the leadership “paradigm” and drew their power from that. 

In that case, just ask yourself, were there actually leaders?


Look around you, you will find so many examples of such leaders who led a change through them starting with them.


They know that if they could lead themselves they can show others how to do it too.


That’s modelling success for you. 


That’s what the truth of the “leader in you” is.


Believe in your power to lead, no matter who you are, where you are and what you do.


The content doesn’t matter. If you have the trait in your personal life you will know how to apply it in your professional life / business life too.


I have led transformations in organisations, educational institutions and governments, with the belief that if the individual changes, the team changes and if the team changes then the organisation changes.


People are the power. You are the power. Don’t let titles or labels or brands make you think any less of yourself.


Reprogram your beliefs and explore the power to lead that lives in you.

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