When Newton said “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” did he know that this law applies to words as well?


When we think of “stress,” our thoughts channel to the piled to-do list, the leftover assignments, and no plan of action in the vicinity.


A good word will lead to good vibes and negative words will stimulate negative thoughts, and before you know it, you will be feeding your mind unhealthy thoughts.  


Let’s begin again!


When we think of “health,” our thoughts open up towards healthy eating habits, structured routines, and a pleasant environment. 


Did you notice the magic?

This was the result of changing just one word. Imagine choosing a whole basket of positivity-stimulating words. The way you talk to yourself makes a lot of difference in your outlook. 


This is the thin line governing the difference between “control” and “manage.” 

For instance, asking yourself to “control your anger,” leads to momentary suppression resulting in an intense reaction later. Whereas, telling yourself to “manage your anger,” will lead to working on your triggers and formulating reactions. Use your words judiciously. 


Our learning today-

– Your food for thought should be a balanced diet with a staple of encouraging words

– Every word has a reaction from our sub-conscious and thus, be kind to yourself


Now that you know the words make a difference, choose your words differently!

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