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Our general narrative while working in these programs is based on rediscovering your self confidence, making your mind smile with self love and overcoming anxiety from different facets of your life. You become more self aware, listening to your body and mind. You will be able to redefine your definition of success, for yourself. These are just a few changes you are certain to witness.

Online coaching packages

The online packages are designed to bring to you the full power of how NLP can help you transform your life.
The packages vary in content and context depending on what you are looking for. However, it all starts and ends in the mind and that is what we will be working with. You will know your mind and how it works. and you will know how to change it and make it work for you.

Who are the packages for?

It doesn’t matter what you do, if you are looking to explore what more is there within you and what more you can create for yourself, then click on that button and join today.

Our Programs

Reset your life- online program​

Reset your life- online program

The power of your mind – this might be unknown to you, but you could move mountains, literally and metaphorically, if you may, by harnessing the power of your mindset. 

We are trapped by our beliefs and perceptions that don’t allow us to see beyond, they become our inhibitors. In this time and age, we don’t need anything that can pull us down from learning – we need to make our mind work for us. Your thoughts and behaviour can be the founding conduit to your success!

All you need is to, well, RESET!

Create new beliefs about yourself and your life.

Let’s break this down, shall we? – “Reset Your Life”

Anxiety to Calmness

Anxiety is a product of the thoughts that are going on in your mind. Sometimes consciously while most of the time unconsciously.
No one can escape it, but we can definitely learn how to manage it so that we are not controlled by our mind.
The Anxiety to Calmness program is designed to help you understand the anatomy of your thoughts, their existence and their impact. And to empower you with techniques and tools to start controlling what you want to feel. Changing the state of your mind. That is what you will learn to do best.

Anxiety to Calmness​
Imposter Syndrome​

Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever doubted yourself? Your ability, your skills, your worthiness?

Do you feel empty? 


Do you feel like there is nothing more to you than your job profile?


Superior achieving people at times, are unable to accept their accomplishments. They are followed by self doubt and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” You could be a perfectionist satisfied with your day’s work, but once you begin you question, the gloomy clouds of doubt take over.


Not just this, there have been many times that you are standing at crossroads with anxiety, frustration, impatience, stress, insecurity, forgetfulness, the feeling of emptiness inside of you – and this is alright. We hear you, and so we are here for you.

The leader in “You” ( Personal transformation )

Establish your personal leadership powers and transform the way you have been living, working, and leading.
The 5 weeks package empowers you to connect with the “leader” that is within you just like it is within all of us.

The leader in “You” ( Personal transformation )
Mindset Reprogramming Package​

Mindset Reprogramming Package

Did you know that 95% of your life is run by your subconscious mind and only 5% of it is by your conscious mind or your thinking mind. And did you know that just like a computer runs on programs, your subconscious mind too runs on programs.
Most of these programs are based on life’s experiences, exposure, traditions, values, customs, parental influence, society influence, peers, teachers, bosses, colleagues. There are a lot of contributors to designing and creating these programs.
Have you ever thought that maybe these programs are what are limiting you from becoming the best version of yourself. They may be the reason for your stress and anxiety.
Answer this question.

Are you happy with your life and with who you are?

If there was even a second of a doubt, then you need to take a look at those programs that run you. In my mindset reprogramming package, you get to explore the programs of your sub conscious and change them to that which empowers you