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I had the pleasure of doing a quantum therapy session with Naheed. It was nothing short of magical. She helped me correct my timelines, place them in a way that I could relate to, course correct my thought process and life freely with confidence and power. I was holding major blocks in my mind that were impending my growth without even noticing them until Naheed very gently said “whom are you trying to convince?” That’s it. It changed the way I thought and realized how I was holding on to things that were hurting me subconsciously. She set the sockets right and I’m so thankful to her! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Tammy Molinelli



Resolving Triggers in the Workplace 


I work and volunteer my time in organizations (Government and Education) where conflict is often inherently present.  


In the past, I have addressed individuals who are focused on creating drama, forwarding their own personal agendas, and behaving in a disrespectful way, with logic and reasoning. This was all, to bring about understanding of an issue, to light and create resolution.  This “management technique” of using reason and logic, skills if you will, to address issues of conflict did not seem to be working to fully resolve difficult and complex issues that needed resolution. Personally, I continued to feel triggers of frustration, a lack of respect and a dragging along of getting critical issues resolved.  


Here is what changed everything: 


In working through a “knowing” exercise with Naheed, I was able to ground a set of sub modalities connected with something I knew for sure to be true. I mindfully “felt” the visual, auditory, and gustatory feeling of my unquestioned “knowing.”  


 Here is what Naheed suggested: 


Feel – Picture the sub modalities in your mind with the “Knowing Exercise”  


Place those feelings-pictures (sub modalities) into a visual picture of a successful future meeting with people who, and experiences that, caused triggers. 


Replay this in your mind all day prior to the upcoming meeting…in a sense, create a future reality different from the one that you expected in the past.  Place the sub modalities into the visual experience and play this vision in your mind repeatedly.   


Here’s the result: 


The result of this exercise was simply transformational.  The meetings following our session together changed me, the people in the meeting and the flow and positive outcomes for what needed to be accomplished.  I was able to bring back the visual, auditory and gustatory sensations while in the meeting and could create the “knowing exercise” grounding into a new space to transform the outcome into what I wanted to have happen. 


Additionally, I’ve been focusing on creating desired outcomes by using the technique described above.   Also, I’ve been focusing on working with individuals, paying close attention to their vocabulary and eye movements to glean and understanding of how they “process” their current moment experiences and how they view the world around them.   Knowing that my thoughts help me to gain access to what I need to be working on in my life.  Thoughts are pointers in a way, to allow me the ability to focus on what’s working and what’s not.  This, and the NLP techniques I’m learning, is where I believe I will find a path to my continued journey of personal and professional development and support meaningful change in my life.

Dipak Rakhecha



Naheed is very passionate about her work and is great with the NLP counselling sessions , to ease and cure my trauma symptoms, my emotional instability. Since I’ve had depression and trauma for 8-10 years, which aggravated only recently during the pandemic period, I am really thankful to God for leading me to Naheed. After the first 2 sessions of counselling, I could see the positive changes in me.

After the 8 sessions, I’m feeling better, therapy improved the downward relationship with my family members and my life. 

Naheed is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach, her techniques helped me look at my feelings and behaviours in different ways so I understand myself better than before.  No matter what the discussion, I always left sessions with Naheed feeling more positive.  I highly recommend her as a professional and effective counselor.The techniques she suggested really helped me to work through my problems.

Falguni Katira

Personal Transformation Coach | I help leaders design the life and career they want by tapping into their inner intelligence and interrupting old habits | Growth Marketer | Design Thinking Advocate | Podcast Host


I had the extreme pleasure of being coached by Naheed who helped me unblock some of my major limiting beliefs. She has the knack of making you feel super comfortable while we’re going through an intense inner transformation. I highly recommend working with her if you want to tap into your mind and make it work for you the way you want.



After such stressful times during the lockdown, I got very much disturbed and that led me to a blank mind in the aspect of my future. All the things that I had planned out and thought about suddenly did not make any sense to me and I was also confused about a few. So, I wanted to try to know the best about my strengths, likes & dislikes, and where and how I truly want to land.


Neither it was any serious discussion kind of thing nor a terrifying explanation about the reason for being in a blank situation. Instead, I realized that I had the answers I needed with but I could not exactly reach them. So, the session helped me to get to them. And also the way she always brings up the question as to ‘why do you really need me when you know it all?’, in the end, this seems pretty true!


It’s not necessary to always be in a confusing state to have a session like this. Even if someone is very much clear about their future, I believe that having a small conversation with someone like her will boost up their confidence and their upcoming steps would be clearer.

Shubhenjit Chaudhuri

Managing Director – Tata Pigments Limited


I have interacted with Ms Naheed while looking for some help to understand the personality details of my team members at Tata Pigments. I was very impressed with her understanding of Human Psychology and its analytics. We got very good reports from her organisation. I feel her competence in behavioural sciences can be
gainfully used by most organizations.

Bharat M Harpalani

Co Partner at Shreemohm


To be honest, never had heard of this concept of NLP before till I met her. We both are part of this same business network group where we actually met. In my personal meeting with her, I finally understood what she does and was very intrigued with this whole concept of brain programming. With no hesitation I started my sessions with her and trust me when I say this, it was a lovely experience. Im glad to meet you Naheed and would like to thank you for brining in a positive change in my life.

Lacey Abbacchi

LinkedIn Coach | Unwavering Optimist | Classic Rock Enthusiast | LinkedIn Queen | Forbes Business Council | Personal Branding Strategist | #laceyisms 🌸


Naheed is one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet. Her authenticity and kindness shines out of her like the sun. She has a giving heart and truly cares about helping others. She is a thought leader that has touched the lives of many, mine included.

She is an expert in everything she does, and I would recommend her to anyone!




I reached out to Naheed ma’am for help with my anxiety.


It was a life changing session for me. It changed my thinking process and made me learn how to cope with stressful situations 


Mental health care is important and if someone is looking for help, Naheed ma’am is an excellent person to talk to. Not only does she understands you but supports you throughout the journey!

Thank you