The Map is not the territory

The Map is not the territory

When I first heard this from Dr. Bandler, it had a limited meaning or understanding for me. And that itself was enough to understand the underlying concept hidden in this phrase…


Every individual has their own map of reality, of how they perceive things and see the environment all around them. No one is right or wrong as this representation is just their own map and not the definition of reality.


Our understanding of self and of others is limited by the programs that has been set in our minds by the society, traditions, culture, family, friends, our teachers, colleagues, and so on.


Everything has been taken in as per our understanding of what was being “communicated” by them.


The sub conscious mind which is the Human Operating System (HOS) has been programmed by all these coders. Various coders who coded in their perceptions, their beliefs, their opinions. And we have let that happen sometimes consciously because we believed in it but most often it was done unconsciously. That’s how the subconscious works. It’s self learning. It’s like a wet sponge. It just absorbs everything that it observes and experiences.


As an NLPer, I help you explore your territory by changing these codes with the understanding of the language most acceptable by your unique structure of intelligence. 


Why follow the map which eludes your reality when you can un-map and remap everytime there is a change in your territory?


Sounds more adaptable to change, doesn’t it? 


Who doesn’t want to be flexible so that they can change with the change?


And I say that’s absolutely possible when you understand how your territory is.


So, what happens when you do reprogram your HOS? 


➡️ Changes your perceptions of reality.


➡️ Makes you understand the anatomy of change based on your own Map.


➡️ Enhances your creative problem solving abilities 


➡️ Develops Emotional intelligence by enhancing understanding of subjective and objective reality.


➡️ Reprograms your mind to build stronger beliefs about yourself and your world.


➡️ Makes you flexible to change so that acceptance is a progression into the future.


➡️ Improves your productivity by enhancing your competencies and skills. (After all when the HOS upgrades, the apps upgrade too)


➡️ Increases your focus and clarity. (The clutter now has a structure)


➡️ Helps you get unstuck and achieve success beyond your expectations. (Remember the map is only your version of reality. It is not the reality).


➡️ Changes the way you think, so you can learn the truth about your fears, anxieties, stress and negative behaviour.


➡️ Enhances your capacity to innovate and create.


If you believe that the brain is the super power, then let me tell you NLP is the tool to unleash your super power. It’s never the same after you do know what you have been doing and what all you actually are capable of doing.


For every person that I have worked with have come with a different territory and that is why a pure NLP session follows the Map of the individual. 


I have helped people resolve their traumas (and not just let go off them), cure their chronic aches and pains, resolve their anxiety for life and year on year grow into a better version of self by achieving success in their business and in their career.


It is a robust system, which once installed, functions on it’s own.


How do we do it?


That’s an experience in itself. If you have never experienced a pure NLP session before, I invite you to schedule a session with me. If for nothing, then to just understanding what does the wonder of “NeuroLinguistic Programming” actually means and does for an individual.

The author is a Master Practitioner of NLP and specialises in Personal Transformation. She has worked with thousands of individuals, some CEO’s, Managing Directors, Department heads, Business Leaders, Innovators and other professionals and students who chose to explore the extra that they needed to become “extra-ordinary” in whatever they were doing.


You can contact her at and schedule your “discovery” session. 


Just explore where your territory was designed to lead you.

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